Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Tuesday Night Ride

Tonight I had a good ride with the Eagle River Depot Ride.
This has been a fun group to ride with. They are friendly and inviting. The best part is we always have a wide variety of riders from those out enjoying a bike to those who want to really push.  Often, someone from out of town.  It is great to see a strong cycling community build up in town joins the mix.  Ultimately, we are all out there to have fun, get stronger, and enjoy our bikes.  If you are ever up in Eagle River WI, check it out.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Day Off

52 miles of biking here...

and here...


led me to eating all of this.

On a more serious note, this was very good day off.  I was able to squeeze in some morning reading with my dogs. Following that, I had a great ride in near perfect weather on 52 miles of winding roads with over a 1,000 feet increase in elevation.  My other goal today was to locate the source of a foul smell coming from inside my car.  The last few days after transporting some leaves it started to smell of death...  I found the source.  A shrew had crawled into the trim inside my car and died.  Unfortunately, I don't think that smell will be going away very quickly.  Finally, my wife reported that the local ice cream shop, Lick-a-dee splitz, just received a shipment of plain coffee ice cream.  Well... back to work tomorrow.  Until then, I am off to get ice cream.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The road calls

Everywhere I go I am sizing up the roads for their ability to be ridden. I find that I see the the inclines, curves, declines, and quality of the Tarmac differently since I have started to ride my bike.  There are many times I wish I could pull my car over and get on my bike.  I currently live in one of the most underappreciated cycling areas. Sure we do not have any long climbs or big bike shops. What we do have, is miles and miles of quiet, rolling, and winding roads.  I can go out for a two hour ride and see maybe two cars when I am off the highway.  I am living my life and riding my bike in one of the most beautiful places in Northern Wisconsin.