Thursday, August 15, 2013

Day Off

52 miles of biking here...

and here...


led me to eating all of this.

On a more serious note, this was very good day off.  I was able to squeeze in some morning reading with my dogs. Following that, I had a great ride in near perfect weather on 52 miles of winding roads with over a 1,000 feet increase in elevation.  My other goal today was to locate the source of a foul smell coming from inside my car.  The last few days after transporting some leaves it started to smell of death...  I found the source.  A shrew had crawled into the trim inside my car and died.  Unfortunately, I don't think that smell will be going away very quickly.  Finally, my wife reported that the local ice cream shop, Lick-a-dee splitz, just received a shipment of plain coffee ice cream.  Well... back to work tomorrow.  Until then, I am off to get ice cream.

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