Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Garmin Edge 510 Setup and First Impressions

It is good day, I finally received my Garmin Edge 510 in the mail. Out of the box It took me a couple minutes to organize all of the connectors, adaptors, and components that showed up. I got the package with the out front mount, heart rate monitor and cadence and speed sensor.

Along with the main parts shown above I had a second adaptor pad for the cadence sensor, a variety of plug adaptors for the power converter, stem mounts and the magnets that I need to get everything set up.  I also had an Allen wrench that allowed me to place the out front mount.  The only thing that I needed that was not in the box was a small Phillips screwdriver to adjust the speed sensor arm.  

The mount went on my bars easy and was simple to line up.  I just used the provided Allen wrench to undo and re-tighten the single bolt on the mount.  I did not have to add an adaptor or mess with the set up of the mount.  There is a way to turn the mount in order to use it with aero bars.

The speed/cadence sensor took a little bit more work and more zip ties than came with the kit.  Due to the curve of my bike's chainstay I had a some difficulty getting both sensors to register.  The first time I set it up everything was perfect except the spoke magnet hit the sensor every time it went by.  When I moved it far enough forward to clear the cadence sensor no longer registered.

I had to set the cadence sensor and magnet up first and then work on the spoke magnet.  You might notice form the picture that I had to mount the magnet on a drive side spoke to get the clearance that I needed.  Alright all set up and ready for a ride.

Wait... Time to set up the Edge unit itself.

If you want to set it up and start riding the Edge will provide you with plenty of data as they have a basic training screen set up already. This step took me to the manual (I know guys are not supposed to read these things). You can customize your workout data in almost unlimited ways. After consulting my Garmin expert I realized how to customize the data that I can see. As you set this up you can select multiple training pages to scroll through, this might be especially helpful if you have a power meter or are doing laps or specific workout. As for me I just want one maybe two pages that provide me with all of my data. Each page can provide up to ten streams of data. There are a couple stock pages and a page where you can race against yourself.

I am sure I will adjust my visible data as I play around with this but I like the fact that I can set up as little or as much data as I want.  The amount of data available to the rider is limitless. 

I have done it...I have joined the Garmin crowd and even better I have provided yet another drop in the sea that is Garmin reviews.

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